Machine Learning

Komodo Technologies builds custom machine learning models to optimize your business outcomes. This approach allows us to generate the most possible value from your data by learning complex patterns in your data. Additionally, we provide interpretability into these patterns, so that everything we learn is actionable for your business.

Data Automation & Deployment

In today’s world, companies are collecting more data than ever. Often the data important to your business is stored in a variety of ways, anywhere from separate databases to system logs. Komodo architects, implements, and automates the data pipelines necessary to facilitate machine learning and data analytics. We focus on custom solutions that scale with the growing data needs of your business.

Data Analytics

Komodo Technologies works closely with our clients to understand your business goals and provide analytics to meet your needs. We create data-driven strategies customized to your organization, so that you can move your business forward. Whether you are looking to expand your customer base, optimize your marketing strategy, or reduce the cost of doing business, Komodo can help you.