Senior Team

Lu Wang

Founder & CEO

BA, Harvard University, Biology

Lu is the founder of Komodo Tech. She is responsible for all aspects of development engagements, ranging from initial design, development, and implementation.

Prior to Komodo, Lu was the Director of Data Engineering at Quad2Media and a Senior Data Analyst with Cogo Labs.

Joe Hanna

Lead Engineer

MS, Boston University, Computer Information Systems

Joe is the lead engineer at Komodo Tech. He is tasked with developing a deep understanding of project technical requirements and spearheading the implementation.

Prior to Komodo, Joe served as a software developer at Quad2Media and an engineer with Noise Control Engineering.

Terry James

Principal Data Scientist

BA, Harvard University, Applied Mathematics

Terry James’ deep understanding of the mathematics behind predictive modeling and deep learning make him a one-of-a-kind data scientist. With five years of experience in the field, Terry has spent his career turning massive and complex data sets into sophisticated, custom-fit predictive models for clients.

Terry is passionate about helping people, and he ensures that the solutions he builds are not only technically impressive, but create meaningful business outcomes for clients, and are designed to be used long into the future.

In his spare time, Terry enjoys cooking.

Zach Germain

Senior Analyst

BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mechanical Engineering

Zach is a data analyst focused on generating business insights from large sales & marketing datasets.

Prior to Komodo, Zach worked as an Engineer for Varian Semiconductor and H&R Technology.

Cameron French

Technical Project Manager

BS, Massachussettes Institute of Technology, Nuclear Science and Engineering

With an impressive combination of engineering skills, design thinking, and client management, Cameron is indispensible in keeping Komodo projects on track, results above expectations, and clients happy.

Prior to Komodo, Cameron worked as a senior consultant at Endeavour Partners.

Amy Ledin

Client Manager

BA, Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, English

Amy Ledin is Komodo’s master communicator.  She has spent the last 10 years helping organizations and individuals in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors communicate through the written and spoken word.  

As Client Manager, Amy is a client’s representative on their project.   Amy makes sure a client’s communication with Komodo is quick, smooth, and easy, and that a client’s key objectives are always top of mind for the team.

In her spare time, Amy studies improv and sketch comedy at the Second City Training Center.