Cloud Cray

CEO @ Patient Price

Komodo Tech has helped get our data science efforts underway, offering deep expertise in the field and practical development skills. Excellent at setting expectations and delivering results — they ask the right questions to make sure projects stay on track, yet still drive projects forward.

Justin H.

Executive Vice President @ Airfox

Airfox brought Komodo on to help us with creating analyses around a new product launch. I knew Komodo was different from the moment we started working with them. Their process is unique, rigorous, collaborative, and extremely effective. We had input every step of the way, and we got results, fast. Their work equipped us with insights to make key strategic changes before the product launch. Komodo’s process allowed us to avoid conversion issues within our product, which would have been costly and lost us customer trust. Komodo helped us accomplish all of this within the first two months of our engagement.

Beyond providing initial insight, Komodo has also proved an invaluable asset for getting our analytical projects ready to productionalize and scale. From design, to development, to production, they have proved themselves over and over to be experts in every step of the way. I love working with Komodo because I know I will always get solutions that are fast, custom-fit to my company, and that make an impact on our bottom line.

Jawad L.

President@ Atlas Lion

We first started working with Komodo Technologies when we had overflow work. They quickly established a pattern of positive results, so we are happily increasing the scope of their engagement. Data literate and insight driven, Komodo Technologies rapidly delivers the business intelligence that our customers are looking for. Through our partnership with Komodo, Atlas Lion has been able to increase its top line revenue by 20% in the last three months.

Sophie G.

Director of Project Management @ All Inbox

I’ve worked with Komodo for 3 quarters now on a variety of projects and I would recommend them a hundred times over. I’ve really enjoyed working with a professional, data minded company. Every project that I’ve collaborated with Komodo on has shown me a few key traits of theirs. First, Komodo is an extremely professional company. Lu leads the team by example and you know you are getting a ruthlessly efficient and enormously competent group who work with a friendly but professional attitude. Second, as a person with no formal analytical training, I appreciate their effort to be accessible from start to finish of a project both physically and mentally.  They work hard to understand what our needs are and what would make our project successful. They are always available for questions and to make sure that the project stays on course. They are still adaptable when it matters, they understand the difference between gently ushering a project back on course to it’s intended purpose and being flexible in shifting gears or making adjustments for the benefit of the project. Komodo is nimble and are able to get to the root of what we are asking. They also provide results in an easily digestible manner that helps me understand the significance of their findings. They work hard to become experts in the subject at hand so they can provide critical and effective guidance on experiment design and implementation as well as the analyses of results.

Vi L.

Business Operations & Strategy Analyst  @ Airfox

Komodo came in when our company is at a phase where we need to make important data-driven decisions. The transition phase was seamless due to the willingness to work with our internal teams and the technological knowledge from Komodo team. Komodo immediately carried out exploratory data analysis, structure and execute on a discovery process. They quickly produced outcomes that are useful, iterative, and high quality for analytics as well as the executive team. Komodo was eager to not just do what we ask of them, but to really dive into the root problems and help us to fix the cause, not just make quick fixes that lead to complications later. At the same time, they have coached and enabled the internal team to perform necessary steps and reinforce the standard processes that sets the company up for success.

Colin M.

CTO @ Brightware

We engaged Lu and Joe for a project that lasted about 5 months. They were diligent about gathering all the data they needed to accomplish the tasks we laid out for them, and gave regular updates as their work progressed. Some requirements changed over time and Lu and Joe were always easy-going and willing to adjust as necessary. They were professional and punctual and I would gladly hire them again for future work.

Cailey R.

Director of Finance and Operations @ Calendly

We’ve grown tremendously in the past three years, and one of our big challenges has been analyzing our data, as it comes from disparate sources. We have data from our internal database, product, sales, customer success, finance, and so on — and no overall place to combine these data sets and gain a comprehensive analysis. We’ve used out-of-the-box reporting services in the past, but the data they presented didn’t capture some of the nuances in our business, and also didn’t allow us to see a holistic view of all of the company’s data. Lu and the rest of the team have provided key analytical support that allowed us to choose and implement a business intelligence tool and customize analytics to how our business works. They are professional, prioritize our needs, and work very quickly. We’ve been working with them for several months, and we are lucky to have their experience and expertise!

Scott S.

VP of Strategy @ All Inbox

With strong product management, clear guidance on methodologies, and preferred patterns, Komodo Technologies quickly adapted to my team, and were (and continue to be) quite helpful. They have a lot of experience in analytics and data engineering, which is handy to keep in mind.